Oclaro, Inc.
Sep 19, 2013

Oclaro Announces Standards-Compliant Multi-Rate 10G DWDM Tunable SFP+ Optical Transceiver

Supports PIN or APD optical interfaces and limiting or linear electrical interfaces based on customer requirements

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR), a leading provider and innovator of optical communications solutions, today announced a standards-compliant, multi-rate tunable SFP+, which supports rates between 9.95 Gbit/s and 11.3 Gbit/s and is tunable across the entire C-band with 96 channels on the ITU-T 50-GHz grid. The transceiver module complies with the revision 4.1 of the SFF-8431 specification for "Enhanced Small Form Factor Pluggable Module SFP+."  The Tunable SFP+ supports PIN or APD optical interfaces and limiting or linear electrical interfaces based on customer requirements. Oclaro will be meeting with customers at ECOC, the largest European optical communications event from September 23-25, 2013 in London, UK meeting room MR3.

The tunable SFP+ transceiver is an important transceiver module for next generation enterprise, metro and regional optical network equipment continuing the replacement of fixed-wavelength modules and of non-pluggable ports. This form factor allows network equipment manufacturers to reduce the size and power consumption for 10G connections while supporting the network operators rapidly increasing capacity needs driven by data-heavy network applications. Also, it will allow form-factor commonality between client- and line-side, offering greater flexibility in equipment configurations.

"I expect the volume of 10G DWDM SFP+ transceivers to grow significantly over the coming years. The advent of 10G Tunable SFP+ transceivers in the market will accelerate that trend as tunability is critical for minimizing inventory and enabling flexible rapid service provisioning," said Andrew Schmitt, Principal Analyst, Optical at Infonetics Research. "This is an important step towards meeting the world's growing bandwidth demands with space-, power- and cost-efficiency network solutions."

"We are leveraging the technology building blocks and chip designs that enabled our leadership in 10G tunable MSA transponders and tunable XFP — in particular the monolithically integrated laser Mach-Zehnder design — to offer this standards-compliant 10G DWDM Tunable SFP+ transceiver," said Tadayuki Kanno, President, Oclaro Japan, Inc. & GM, Modules & Devices Business Unit. "As a leading supplier of tunable laser and transceiver solutions, Oclaro has developed an extensive product portfolio and the addition of the standards-compliant 10G DWDM Tunable SFP+ transceiver strengthens this technology leadership."

About the Oclaro Tunable 10G SFP+ Transceiver

  • Fully compliant with MSA (Multi Source Agreement) standard size based on SFF-8432 specification for Improved Pluggable Form Factor, rev. 5.1
  • Tunable across the full C-band with 96 channels on the 50-GHz grid defined by ITU-T
  • Supports 9.95 Gbit/s — 11.3 Gbit/s multi-rate operation
  • Leverages in-house compact, low-power tunable TOSA based on a proprietary monolithically Integrated Laser Mach-Zehnder (ILMZ) chip
  • Supports multiple receiver interfaces including PIN and APD photo detectors for the optical interface and limiting or linear electrical interfaces

Product Availability

The tunable SFP+ transceiver will be sampling in Q4 2013.

About Oclaro

Oclaro, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLR) is one of the largest providers of optical components, modules and subsystems for the optical communications market. The company is a global leader dedicated to photonics innovation, with cutting-edge research and development (R&D) and chip fabrication facilities in the U.S., U.K., Italy, Korea and Japan. It has in-house and contract manufacturing sites in China, Malaysia and Thailand, with design, sales and service organizations in most of the major regions around the world. For more information, visit http://www.oclaro.com.

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